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Kreasindo cahaya sejati PT is a supplier engaged in lubricating oil and gress with a range throughout Indonesia. We provide oil for industrial needs with various brands such as pertamina, shell, agip, total, exxonmobil. bro.For Pertamina's 43 series Pertamina oil is hydraulic oil formulated from base oils that have a high viscosity index and contain complete performance additives to provide protection against wear, can prevent foam formation, and protect rust and corrosion.QUALITY LEVEL for Pertamina TURALIC Oil 43 must meet the requirements or specifications of industrial hydraulic such as the Cincinnati Machhine P-68 (approved for Turalik 43) MAG, P-69 (approved for Turalik 52), and P-70 approved for Turalik 48, Denison HF- 0, approved HF-2 for Turalik 43, 48, 52, and Vickers I-286S and M-2950-S approved for Turalik 4).For Use O pertamina TURALIK 43 series is recommended in general hydraulic equipment, as well as for lubrication of the circulation system or bath system. This lubricant is not recommended to lubricate components coated with silver.Get competitive prices and the most complete stock of our company. accept wholesale purchases for all oil products.

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