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oli hidraulic pertamina turalik
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IDR 5506105.00

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Turalik V Series is a lubricant intended to support operational activities, and is produced from a base oil High Viscosity Index with selected additives. Turalik V Series lubricants are available to meet the needs of the heavy equipment and manufacturing industry segments that use hydraulic equipment for moderate conditions and work in environments that are not too extreme.
Turalik V Series also meets DIN 51524 Part 2 or ISO 11158 specification standards HM also has excellent thermal and oxidation stability and is suitable for supporting equipment operation in a wide enough temperature range. Later,
Turalik V Series will be available in several variants of viscocity grade as needed, namely 22,32,46,68 and 100.
pertamina turalik series is presented as an efficiency solution for consumers who use standard hydraulic equipment, but still prioritize the reliability aspects of operations. We can ensure that there is a cost efficiency of up to 10%.
Turalik series V Product Type:
1. Traditional Pertamina oil 41
2. Traditional Pertamina oil 43
3. Traditional Pertamina oil 48
4. traditional pertamina oil 53
5. pertamina turalik oil 69
PT KCS as a petroleum oil supplier with an industry segment with a range of all Indonesian regions. get pertamina turalik seris v hydraulic oil at the lowest price from our company.hydraulic oil

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