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diesel oli pertamina medripal 312
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Get the price of Pertamina Pertamina oil which is cheap and original quality only at PT Kreasindo Cahaya Cahaya because we are the best Pertamina oil supplier.pertamina issues diesel oil with medripal brands.MEDRIPAL 12 Series is formulated from basic ingredients that have a High Viscosity Index (High Viscosity Index) with additives specifically designed for diesel engine lubricants.
MEDRIPAL 12 Series has an adequate TBN value for neutralizing the acid from combustion; provides optimal protection against rust, corrosion and excessive wear; has a good balance between oxidation stability, detergency and dispersancy to prevent piston deposit formation and maintain engine cleanliness; and can also be separated easily from dirt and water through a centrifugal separator. The MEDRIPAL formula also contains anti-foaming additives.MEDRIPAL QUALITY LEVEL:
MEDRIPAL 12 Series meets the quality level of the API Service Classification CD.
MEDRIPAL 12 Series is very specifically designed for the lubrication of shipping and intermediate industrial diesel engines that use distillate type fuels with sulfur content below 0.5% wt. MEDRIPAL 512 is not designed for crosshead type two-cylinder engine lubrication.

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