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oil diesel pertamina medripal 330
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IDR 7460255.00

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Pertamina Medripal 30 Oil Dieselpertamina issues diesel oil with medripal brands.
MEDRIPAL is a lubricant designed for the lubrication of diesel engines for shipping and industrial type trunk pistons with medium speed. Medripal has a TBN variant of 12-50 mg KOH / gr and SAE 30, 40 and 50 viscosity.ABILITY TO WORK:
MEDRIPAL has the quality level of API Service CF.ADVICE FOR USE:
OLI Pertamina Medripal 30 is recommended for the lubrication of shipping diesel engines and industrial type trunk pistons with medium speed and sulfur content 0.5 -1.5% WT.Get the price of Pertamina Pertamina oil which is cheap and original quality only at PT Kreasindo Cahaya Cahaya because we are the best Pertamina oil supplier.

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